Youth White Tea Spring 2019( 500gr Pressed Cake)

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Besides the well-known crescent moon and full moon white tea which we used only the new buds in first flush, this youth white tea also deserves storing.

Reason to store: 1-year is tea, 3-year is medicine, and 7-year is treasure. The taste and health benefit are both much increased by year.

We pressed it into standard cake shape to make it easier and safer for storing.

We used only high quality material (1 bud and 2 next leaves) from old tea trees (hundreds of years old) to produce this tea. Processing way is withering the tea very slowly in around 5-7 days to let it ferment gradually by itself in proper environment without intervening like the other teas.

The buds make the tea most delicate while the next leaves help it more flavorful and balanced. It brings out a floral fragrance, strong sweetness, smooth but still powerful and fresh like the spring grass.

For health benefits: anti-aging, very good for liver and help detoxify, partially help to protect us from cancer, improve circulatory and immune system.