"Tea is not for just drinking, it is about 'Feeling'."

-Hung - Yen couple

The lotus flower tea is the signature item at Hien Minh Tea House. "As tea artist, we study many diferent types  of teas., but the lotus flower tea is quite special to us. It's the first tea that we got our hands on when we first stepped into this world. The lotus flower tea is like our first and eternal mentor", the couple said. Asked why they took interest in the lotus flower tea before other types, Hung said,"It's our  destiny". The couple grow lotus flowers in their own, private pond in Hanoi and the lotus flower teas that they serve are truly one of a kind.

"There's subtle beauty to the lotus flower tea. The delicate scent of the lotus flower goes well with the green tea fragrance. The inital taste may be a bit bitter but once you swallow the tea, you will be left with a sweet aftertasste. It also leaves a refreshing feeling inside your mouth and warms the rest of your body. In addition to waking your senses, the tea will open your hear. 

"When we make teas, we enjoy the scent from te leaves. And once you drink that tea, the scent comes into your body", Hung and Yen said. "By drinking teas, we get to have a closer look at our own inside. This first with the practice of yoga and Buddhist philosophy that stesses the importance of spiritual world".

"We enjoy the scent that comes from the tea when we brew it. And once we dink the tea, the scent comes into your body. This falls in line with the yoga practice and Buddhist philosophy that stresses the importance of spirituality."


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