Coming back the city from the high mountains in almost 02 months staying with beautiful nature, we managed to make some good fresh tea and earned a lot of experience living in a wild life. Such as to deal with a welcome greeting from the forest: a poisonous snake waiting for us in our workplace, just next to the pan we often make puerh tea; or to deal with a kind of parasitic bloodsucker: the leeches (the brown-yellow and the green type) – the insect living so many on wet earth. This is a good sign showing us the tea material is very high quality though.   

Indeed the new tea buds material in early spring season we are harvesting is really delicious, due to the early time harvesting in season and the foggy climate covering mostly all the time, and due to our careful selection of picking from only very old tea trees likely hundreds of years old. First flush tea buds contain rich nutrition after a long winter break, highly umami and floral taste when we chew them raw and clearly sweet aftertaste lingering in our throat and mouth then.

You can choose to try our single spring tea type as the list below, or a collection of new spring tea including all of them as a surprise to fulfil your expectation.

List of new tea:

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